New York Subway and Train Platform Accidents

Overall, the subways and commuter trains in New York City are the safest way to get around our community. MTA subways average fewer accidents per million passengers and fewer accidents per million miles traveled than almost any other form of transportation. That said, accidents do happen.

If you or a loved one suffered injury on a subway or in an accident on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), in a station, or on a platform, the personal injury attorneys at Edward R. Young & Associates can help. We are an experienced, compassionate personal injury law firm dedicated to helping injured New Yorkers get the compensation they deserve.

Subway and LIRR accidents

Even though the rail system is the safest way to get around New York City and the surrounding area, accidents still occur. Most frequently, subway and LIRR injuries occur when passengers slip and fall due to crowded platforms or improperly built or maintained platforms or stairs.

Every year, subway trains hit about 90 passengers. Many of these are suicides and attempted suicides. Others are people who jump down onto the tracks to retrieve dropped property. Some are school children and teenagers, roughhousing on the way to or from school. And a small number are deliberately pushed in front of oncoming trains. Incredibly, not everyone hit by subway trains dies. About half slip underneath or beside the trains and survive.

On the LIRR, several passengers are injured each year by the so-called gap problem. The Syosset station on the Port Jefferson line is especially susceptible to these types of injuries, in which passengers get caught in or even fall through the large gap between the edge of the platform and the entrance to the train.

Occasionally, subway cars overshoot a barrier, derail, or fail to obey signals and strike other trains. These more significant accidents frequently lead to head and neck injuries to passengers in the subway or train cars involved. Rarely, these accidents lead to more severe injuries and even deaths.

Accident attorneys in the Bronx, Brooklyn and West Babylon

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