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Workplace Construction Accidents

Having grown up in a family construction business, attorney Edward R. Young has a particular interest in and understanding of the rights and needs of workers in the trades. He earned the money for law school at New York University as an apprentice plumber. Serious injuries occur on construction sites, buildings, bridges, roadways and excavations of all types. Substantial laws protect the working men and women, and Edward R. Young & Associates is here to see that serious injuries to union and non-union workers are properly compensated.

Innocent construction workers are subject to falls and being hit by falling objects. Elevator shafts, stairways, stairwells, and hatches, all present risks of falls from heights. Heavy equipment, cranes, forklifts, jacks, torches, tanks and welding all have major risks involved. Brooklyn personal injury attorney Edward R. Young has dealt personally with these issues.

Construction sites in New York City can be extremely dangerous places. Every year approximately 1,000 workers die on jobs, and of those nearly 50 percent die from falls. But falls are not the only cause of serious injuries on work sites—or the only reason for personal injury litigation.

Other common causes of injuries:

Some of the more frequent dangers lurking on construction sites include the following:

  • Falling objects
  • Swinging cranes
  • Defective ladders
  • Dangerously constructed scaffolding
  • Malfunctioning elevators
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Forklifts that malfunction
  • Unsafe electrical fixtures and outlets

How to avoid an accident

While construction sites are fraught with potential dangers, workers can take measures to protect themselves. Wearing the proper eyeglasses, gloves, and hard hats are no-brainers on most sites—and are also mandated by law. Routinely checking and maintaining the safety of frequently used tools like ladders, scaffolds, forklifts and electrical equipment is a must. And simply being careful and attentive at all times while on the job can, and does, prevent most accidents and subsequently having to obtain a construction accident attorney.

Negligence is often to blame

However, even if a worker is extremely careful, bad things happen and people suffer serious injuries due to the negligence or mistake of someone else. That is when you need the help of a personal injury law firm to pursue fair compensation for injuries caused by:

  • The negligence of a property owner or employer/contractor
  • The negligence of other site workers
  • Defective machinery onsite
  • Mistakes or negligence caused by drinking or drug use onsite

A work site by nature can be a potentially dangerous place, but the law is clear: workers deserve, and are ensured, by law, a safe workplace. Accident attorneys are here to represent you if you suffered an injury on your job that may entitle you to receiving more than government workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation attorneys

Workplace injuries lead to a special type of Brooklyn, Bronx & Long Island personal injury litigation.

Two types of claims often arise and both can give you money rewards. First is a claim against the person that hurt you, your negligence or personal injury claim. Second is a workers' compensation claim.

People injured at work must file for workers' compensation, which is insurance that provides money or medical care for workers who are injured or ill directly due to their jobs. Employers pay for this insurance and may not require you to pay into its cost.

Workers’ compensation benefits include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cash benefits
  • Supplemental benefits for those totally and permanently disabled or for the widows or widowers of people killed in work-related mishaps
  • Medical coverage
  • Social Security
  • Death benefits
  • Disability payments

To file a workers' compensation claim, you must complete the Workers' Compensation Board Employee Claim form (C-3) as soon as possible, and notify your employer in writing of exactly when, where and how you were injured or fell ill. A personal injury lawsuit lawyer can assist you with these steps.

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