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Edward R. Young & Associates has more than a century of collective experience serving the communities of Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Long Island. We know how to win personal injury cases so you receive the compensation you deserve. Lawyers and past clients refer injured parties to our firm because they know we get the job done.

Winning verdicts and settlements

  • Edward R. Young & Associates mediated a $5,645,000 pretrial settlement in an automobile accident case where the plaintiff was ejected from the vehicle
  • Edward R. Young & Associates settled, after motions, a $4,000,000 reward in an automobile accident and wrongful death case
  • Edward R. Young & Associates negotiated $8,000,000 in damages after the plaintiff was paralyzed by a gunshot wound
  • Edward R. Young & Associates achieved a pretrial settlement of $1,650,000 plus the waver of a $250,000 workers' compensation lien after the plaintiff fell from scaffolding hit by a backhoe
  • Edward R. Young & Associates settled an action prior to jury selection for $190,000 in a premises liability case between siblings
  • Edward R. Young & Associates won $125,000 in court for permanent wounds after a 12-year-old was attacked by rottweilers

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Ganancias de Juicios y Arreglos

  • Explosión arroja peaton en la pared – hernia de disco cervical
  • Vehículos de motor – centro de la línea – accidente se produjo en HAWAII lugar en cuestión - pasajeros sufrierion lesiones a aplastar la rodilla - muerte del esposo, A 40 años de edad, dentista
  • Vehículo de motor - izquierda - lesión de rodilla - defensa del cinturón de seguridad
  • Vehículo de motor - izquierda - hernia de disco cervical
  • Vehículos de motor - Extremo Posterior - Sin Culpa - Preguntas Sobre Golpes en la Espalda y Cuello
  • XIV/50-35 Vehículo de motor - Golpe posterior - Discos Herniados - sindrome neurobehavioral postetraumá - Examenes Medicos Adicionales
  • XVU42-S1 Caida - Demanda entre familiares - Escaleras - Discos Herniados, fractura de coxis

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"Hey Ed, you're my man." 

-Mr. Adams

"Dear Ed,

I just wanted to thank you for representing me.  It was an honor to have a man of your character and experience.

After my Mom died in 1992, I thought I had to have control over practically everything, especially when it involved my family.  When the A.I.M.B. scandal occurred I was completely devastated.  For the first time in my life I had no control over my life.  I felt as if my life was over.  Where or even how to I go from here.  Now I have faced my punishment and again I'm in awe of what to do with my life now.  Yet I will push myself to go on and try tapping into other resources that I pray are available to me.

Again, thank you for being part of this reality and your expertise in my defense.  May God continue to Bless you."


"Dear Mr. Young:

Through the past 32 years of my law practice, having worked with many law offices, attorneys, courts, and clients, I have enjoyed the rare opportunity to closely observe people of varied ability and achievement.

You, Edward Young, strikingly stand out.

I am writing this because your handling of my personal injury case is head and shoulders above what I have seen other attorneys do in a similar matter.  Your immediate knowledge of the area, together with the efficiency of your office operation in the case preparation and follow through, have earned my utmost confidence.

Keep up the good work.  You are indeed a professional."


"Dear Ed:

We simply can't thank you enough.  We want to say thank you for all you have done for our family.  Surely no amount of money will ever be enough to replace our daughter and sister Michelle.  Your services will be highly recommended by us for the future."

-Lucille M., Jim M., Jim K., Phyllis K., Christine K., Robert K.

"Mr. Young and staff,

I will always remember your thoughtfulness during my time of need."


"Dear Mr. Young,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for handling my accident case.  I know due to circumstances, I "tied" your hands somewhat.  Despite the limitations, you were patient, professional, and kind to me.  I will happily recommend you to others in the future."


"Ed, you're wonderful."


"Dear Ed,

I'm sure you don't routinely get complimentary letters from a client whose case was not resolved favorably.  However, I do believe that we would have won if the case were held in a different venue where there was more objectivity, which of course was not possible.

Although you told me that winning would be difficult, after you were able to get the defendant to admit that she crossed the double line in the road when she hit me, under cross-examination, I felt confident that we would get a favorable decision.  Unfortunately, the jury, and I believe the court, was predisposed to favor the defendant.

I was impressed with your thoroughness and attention to detail and I want to tell you that I appreciate that quality which I find to be less available these days.  I will feel confident to recommend your services to anyone who may need them.  Thank you."